Becoming a successful streamer doesn’t happen overnight. You need to work hard and understand the key aspects of what’s required to make it to the top. If you’re passionate about gaming and you’re curious about what it takes to crush the competition, keep reading.

Play To Your Strengths

Invest your time in just one or two games and that will help you build your community. You might think the more games you play, the more people from each game will tune in to watch you. But within the streaming community, the opposite is actually true when you’re just starting out. You need to build a community within one or two games and entice those people to return to your stream on a daily basis to begin to make a name for yourself.

Plenty of people turn Twitch on to watch specific games and genres, like First Person Shooters or MOBAs. If you constantly stream a particular game, and people enjoy your content, they’ll return the next day to watch your progress. Once you’ve built up a community of people that repeatedly return to watch you play, they’ll eventually start tuning in for your personality rather than the game. It’s at that point you can start to consider adding more games to your portfolio.

Stick To A Schedule

When you have a set streaming schedule, viewers will get used to this schedule and learn what it is, meaning they’ll come to rely on it, and before they even load Twitch, Facebook Live, or YouTube, they’ll know you’re online. There is a specific psychology that goes along with having a set schedule that will be extremely beneficial for your long-term success. 

The psychology behind this is similar to how McDonald’s operates their franchises. Have you ever noticed that every McDonald’s you visit has the same layout? This isn’t by accident. McDonald’s did this on purpose to set their customers’ expectations, making their establishment an easy choice when it comes to the decision of “what” or “where” do you want to eat. 

The same applies to being a streamer. Sticking to a reliable schedule makes it easy for viewers to simply default to your stream because it’s familiar to them, which, over time, will help to build and strengthen your community.

Networking Helps You Grow

Getting to know other streamers who play the same games you do is good for your community (and theirs too), especially if you’re playing a multiplayer game and you’re both good at it. On Twitch, when one of you is finished streaming for the day, you can host the other person and they’ll get all your viewers and vice versa. This builds your community, providing new streaming partners with new perspectives to share on growing your community even further.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Starting out, streaming can be expensive, and the majority of your money goes towards a computer, capture card and two quality monitors. The quality of your microphone is a small thing that will set you apart from other streamers.

Having a high-quality microphone gives your viewers a better user experience. Typically, the microphone on a gaming headset will be good enough the majority of the time, but a good desktop microphone like a Blue Yeti or HyperX QuadCast will enhance your streams’ audio quality far beyond most of your competition.

High-Quality Visuals Aid Your Success

Take a look at the majority of the top streamers, and you’re sure to notice that they have the best visuals on their stream. Successful streamers are able to earn enough to pay a good designer, but good design doesn’t need to be expensive. One way to upgrade your visuals is to utilize a nice camera overlay, which is also a good way to get your brand on the screen without taking up too much space. This also allows you to add your social media channels, which help connect to and grow your stream and community too.

Invest Time in Your Success

Every stream, community, and person is unique, but following these important basic points will help get you closer to success. The key is to stay consistent, be patient, and remember you won’t become a success overnight. Your favorite top streamers took the time to get their stream to where it is now using many of the tips we’ve outlined here. So remember, every stream has its own journey, just like you, so don’t be afraid to learn and try different things along the way.