When it comes to streaming, we’ve got a list of the best tips for you that will allow you to succeed by creating the most engaging content possible.

1. Keep It Simple

If you’re just starting out, you want the latest and greatest of everything possible, but you need to remember that everything you add to your stream setup adds to the complexity of everything you’re doing. When you’re ready to begin, get everything you need to stream (and RGB lights, of course) and go from there. As you gain more experience with streaming, you’ll be more comfortable with adding additional hardware and software to enhance your stream.

2. Communicate With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience helps build a relationship between you and viewers, making them more likely to keep coming back. This one might seem obvious, but in our experience of watching thousands of streamers over the years, there are people out there who are sitting on low viewer numbers after hours and hours of streaming due to their lack of engagement. People aren’t there just for the gameplay, they’re there for the whole experience.

3. Networking

Networking will help grow your channel a lot more than you might think. Getting to know other streamers will likely result in them hosting or raiding your channel when they’re finished streaming for the day. The few follows and subs that come with each host and raid will help grow your channel over time. Avoid self-promoting your stream while networking; remember, you’re in someone else’s channel and you wouldn’t want someone coming into your channel doing the same.

4. Backup Equipment

The majority of equipment these days is built to last, although there are always going to be some issues down the line. We recommend that you have backups of your equipment where possible in case that happens. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to stream and your monitor isn’t working because the HDMI cable is broken.

5. Record Your Stream

Recording your stream locally, as well as streaming live, will give you the highest-quality videos when it comes to creating content based on your stream. Recording is also beneficial in case anything happens to the VOD of your gameplay if the website you’re streaming on goes down. If you ever decide to hire someone to edit your content, they’ll thank you for it too.

6. Tell People You’re Going Live

Telling people you’re going live on Twitter, Facebook, or even WhatsApp is a good way to get a few instant viewers in your stream off the bat. It also helps promote your stream at the same time on social media if someone happens to be looking for someone to watch and they see your post. It’s a nice extra bit of marketing for your stream.

7. Get Creative With Your Titles

Having a title such as “Warzone Gameplay” will blend in with everyone else that’s playing the same game. Get creative by using aspects of the game to spice up the title, such as “Parachuting Into The Gulag”, which will make you stand out a little more. It’s also good to put your location in your title, as people tend to gravitate towards their fellow country men and women.

8. Have Fun

This is the most important thing of all. It’s hard to watch people who aren’t enjoying the game they’re playing. Creating a fun environment in your stream will make it easier for you and your viewers to have a laugh while you’re playing.